The autobiography of Altiero Spinelli  (1907-1986), which is called Come ho tentato di diventare saggio (How I tried to become wise) points in the direction to where his footprints might be found, although it covers his life only up to the year 1946.

Other traces:
  1. The appeal for a free and united Europe, written together with Ernesto Rossi in 1941. Also known as The Manifesto of Ventotene.
  2. The Draft Treaty Establishing the European Union adopted by the European Parliament in February, 1984. See the texts in French and English at;
  3. European Nuclear Disarmament (END).  To my knowledge, Altiero Spinelli did not participate in e.g. the END Conventions. However, already in the 1960s he pledged for the denuclearization of Europe (see "Atlantic Pact or European Unity", Foreign Affairs, July 1962).
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