An appeal to SUPPORT THE NEW IRISH "NO TO LISBON" CAMPAIGN  is circulating  through Susan George and others. I have just forwarded it to the board of Attac Finland with a wish that it be translated into Finnish, too (glad to see that a translation into Swedish, my first language, has already been done).

Although I support the campaign against the Lisbon treaty, I stay convinced that our YES TO EU must be clear and loud. Hence it feels good to read the two sentences at the end of the appeal: "We share the same vision of a Europe where the economy works to serve the needs of ordinary citizens - not corporate power or military ambitions. We seek a peaceful, social, democratic, demilitarised and ecological Europe."

However, the vision of a peaceful and democratic Europe was already found in the manifesto of Ventotene from 1941 and in the draft treaty from 1984, which introduced the concept of "European Union" and was approved by the elected European Parliament, but rejected by the ruling European elites. We should say so, and use the original Spinellian idea as a weapon against the Neoliberal idea of the EU. Otherwise, we cannot break the hegemony of the Neoliberals and take the lead.

To demand the "demilitarisation" of Europe, on the other hand, is not realistic. The EU has to constitute itself independently of the other powers; its military status could hardly be that of "a demilitarized zone" guaranteed by international treaty, like the Åland islands. But a European conscription army for territorial defence, in some respects resembling the Swiss army, is a realistic alternative to the European military forces envisaged by the Lisbon treaty, which in reality would subordinate them to NATO and the USA, and which engages them in perpetual wars of the West against the rest.

Therefore, I would have written 'denuclearised' instead of 'demilitarised'. In a world situation where nuclear weapons are proliferating and the nuclear powers play their bilateral and multilateral arms control games while they all, without exception, maintain and modernize their own WMD, it must be our top priority to revive the movement for unilateral European nuclear disarmament. Europe must be the exception!

The "ecological Europe", finally, implies a decision to successively dismantle the nuclear power stations. Attac has already adopted that anti-nuclear position, I think, and Ireland has no nuclear power plants. "The last thing any country needs, let alone a beautiful place like Ireland, is Nuclear Power", I read (on a website called "The good life - self-reliance in an uncertain world"; see So the Lisbon treaty should promise to keep Ireland nuclear-free. Does it?