A year ago, the "Capodistrias-Spinelli-Europe Initative" was launched with a declaration signed by, among others, Mr Wayne Hall from Aegina (Greece) and myself. Referring to the ideas and actions of two noble European unity builders from the past, namely Ioannis Capodistrias (1776-1831) and Altiero Spinelli (1907-1986), we expressed our belief "that the unification of Europe is today necessary and more feasible than in any other preceding period of history", and that this "is a matter which moreover concerns not only all of our continent, its peoples and its citizens, but humanity as a whole".

We also stated, in particular, that: "A united Europe cannot but be a Europe of peace and ecology, independent of the United States, nuclear-free, in solidarity with poorer countries, establishing relations of mutual friendship and collaboration with all countries, and particularly those in its immediate vicinity."

Today, however, I have decided to dissociate myself publicly from the Capodistrias-Spinelli initiative. This is because of the content of an Open Letter, which Wayne Hall has posted yesterday to Catherine Ashton, the newly appointed Foreign Minister of the EU, and signed in the name of the "Capodistrias-Spinelli-Europe initiative" together with Peter Vereecke of "The Belfort Group" and Aliki Stefanou, representing the "Greek Movement against Chemical Aerial Spraying". A draft of the said Open Letter to Ashton is found here; you have to scroll down a bit on the page to see it.

Explanation: I have seen no evidence to prove that a planetary Chemical Aerial Spraying is being secretly carried out on behalf of unknown authorities; nor do I wish to contribute to the spreading of disinformation about an alleged use of electromagnetic "earthquake weapons" by the US military in order to trigger the recent natural disaster in Haiti. .

Of course, I shall remain committed to

  • educating the people on Ioannis Capodistrias and Altiero Spinelli, and
  • building a free, united, democratic and denuclearized European state approximately on the political lines drawn by these two fellows.
Lovisa, Finland 2 April, 2010.

Mikael Böök