Former Air Force Officers allege that UFOs have Tampered With Nuclear Missiles. This story at AOL is widely popular.

However, if we are rationalists, we use Occam's Razor which says that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Therefore, I should like to cut short the explanations which are based on stories from former officers about UFOs, which have tampered with US nuclear missiles. Especially if the US authorities are alleged to have tried, or still try, to keep the stories secret.

When asked for simple explanations, I would present either one of the two following:

1. Sensations bring money to their vendors. There are media magnates out there who earn money on the ufology.

2. Ufology is used in a conspirative way by the military-industrial-academic complex in order to scare and control us, the people. In this particular case, yes, the extraterrestrials do provide an additional pretext, albeit only a vague and unofficial one, for the continuation and further development of the nuclear weapons systems.