Happy New Year! The Spinelli Group arranges one of its first its event in Brussels tomorrow, January 12, 2011. The event is called « The United States of Europe – Towards a Transnational Society? », and the main speakers there will be Joschka FISCHER, ancien Ministre allemand des Affaires Étrangères, and Jean-Marc FERRY, Philosophe.

I saw the Spinelli Group on the Net a couple months ago, and decided to join it. Btw, you may want to join it yourself. At the time I joined, there were not many other Finns. MEP Satu Hassi (Green) had joined. She is good. I shall write to her about my group membership and interest in Spinelli's thoughts and legacy.

Another who has joined is Pier Virgilio Dastoli. As you may remember, Dastoli is the former secretary of Spinelli, and he used also to direct the EU's mission to Rome.

As a Spinelli Group member, I got an invitation to the above-mentioned event - from Daniel Cohn-Bendit. But I will not attend the event. Am preparing for a trip to West Africa and the world Social Forum in Dakar 6-11 Februar.

Hierarchies are fluid and merit-based, however and whatever merit means to the peers. This also makes it difficult for established members to continue to hold onto their positions when they stop making valuable contributions. In volunteer organizations, this is often a major problem, as early contributors sometimes try to base their influence on old contributions, rather than letting the organizations change and develop. (Stalder & Hirsch 2002)

Pessimism of the intelligence: It remains to be seen whether the founders of the new group are old authoritarians or capable of following the soft approach to collaborative intelligence.