Some rapid comments and questions upon reading the article "Elbowed Out of Spotlight by 9/11, Anti-Globalization Movement Endures" by Mark Engler:

1. What if the official account is false and 9/11 was orchestrated by leaders of the military industrial complex in order to start the "war on terror" (including the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq) and to hit our growing globalization-critical movement? What if 9/11 was a State Crime Against Democracy (SCAD)? (About SCADs, including the 9/11 SCAD, see American Behavioral Scientist, Volume 53, Number 6, February 2010.)

2. Obviously, the crimes of 9/11 caused an enormous backlash for all anti-imperialistic movements. The more interesting question is whether we can endure and grow without doing away with the official myth about 9/11.

3. Could the enduring alterglobalisation movement and the persisting movement for truth about 9/11 become one and the same justice movement?

4. "Recent opinion polls show that nearly half of New Yorkers continue to doubt the official account of 9/11: that's 10 million people." ( Quoted from the article "9/11 In-Depth: Long Suppressed Academic Evidence to Stream Live During Toronto International Hearings, September 8-11, 2011", CNBC News 6 September, 2011.) So the opinion is divided, to say the least. And that's only the New Yorkers. However, the need to re-investigate 9/11 has rarely been discussed at the social forums, with the exception of the first USSF in Atlanta. It is as if we, the peoples of the social forum, had reached a consensus. Let half of the world believe that the total demolition of 3 skyscrapers with 2 airplanes had to be an inside job, but we agree with the government that all it was was a terrorist attack by fanatical Muslims (!?) Yours in peace.