On December 6, which was Finland's 94th National Day, my compatriot friends got one of those long email messages which most people have to delete or move to the "read later" folder. Here, I shall omit the introduction and the stories about my previous adventures in Äkäslompolo, Lapland, because only the Saami, or the tourists who have visited their beautiful country, would have a chance to understand what I meant with those parts.

Anyway, the northernmost and the northeasternmost parts of Suomi have been struck with gold and uranium fever, and mining companies from all over are coming in to cure it. At the same time, Rovajärvi, formerly an exercise field for the heroic Finnish army that fought the Soviet aggressor during the Winter War 1939-1940, is being leased to some foreign companies for the testing of drones and other UAV.

The contents of my long email were summarized in a short political program, which i reproduce here for your information:

1. Refrain from building more nuclear power plants in Finland, France and the other European countries where they may be planned. Follow the wise German decision to phase out nuclear power and expand the alternative ways to produce electricity and other energy.

2. Eliminate, unilaterally, the French and British nuclear forces. This will require popular, civic, action from all over Europe, as in the European Nuclear Disarmament (END) movement in the 1980ies, but on an even bigger and wider scale. Politically, this means that we form an independent European federal state, but without a nuclear strike force.

3. Stop uranium mining and enrichment, especially in Finland and Niger. Redefine independence so that it no longer means the destruction of the lands and livelihoods of the Saami, the Tuareg, the tourists, and all the other more or less permanently resident peoples.

4. Urge the United States, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and the other actual and potential nuclear weapon states to follow Europe's lead, as described in paragraphs 1-2. Require that the U.S. withdraws its nuclear weapons from Europe, those which are still present. This proposal is based on the theory that nuclear weapons, nuclear umbrellas and missile shields are unable to guarantee their (or our) independence. The theory remains to be proven with empirical evidence. So let's undertake the necessary practical experiments. (Some people still believe that the opposite theory was empirically proven at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, but their reasoning is based on Apriorism, and thus banned by modern science. Besides, look at the proliferation of the nuclear weapons, and consider the growing risk for nuclear terrorism, just to mention two corollaries of the theory on which our present political leaders base their practice.)

5. Break with the nuclear complex and with the military-industrial complex. (In reality, these are one and the same complex; the nuclear complex is only, so to speak, the tip of the military-industrial complex.) Any realistic combat against the resource wastage, the environmental pollution and the global warming tendency must begin here, but politicians and journalists are too cowardly to tell you so aloud. These are opinions and suggestions that can only be expressed and turned into reality through a popular uprising movement that forces the politicians and the media to turn their dirty coats after the wind. For them, it takes too much courage to say that NATO is no longer a stability factor, but a monster, designed to strike fear in us with its weapons of mass destruction and Prompt Global Strike. Restructure the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) , the largest air and space group in Europe and the second largest in the world, to become a group of purely civilian production. Develop and execute a plan for the conversion of the war industries. Unravel the German and French arms deals with Greece, which contributed significantly to the indebtedness of that country.

6. Retake the F-word, where F stands for Federalism. The F-word is not ugly, but it requires the denuclearisation and an economy that dumps the military-industrial complex. In spite of our much advertised soverign debt, we do have all that we need to change things for the better. For instance, the debt has not reduced our skills, we are certainly still able to produce our living, to satisfy our material needs (and even to to take care of our souls, if only we admit that our concept of national sovereignty is unwise.) Let's occupy the Spinelli Building and re-constitute the sane vision of Altiero Spinelli about a democratic European state.

This program only indicates where we need to start solving our problems, it does not pretend to tell how all the important problems can be solved, or to be the most important statement on everything that is the case. However, neither Frau Merkel nor Monsieur Sarkozy, or the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has so far showed the way, nor is it likely that they will ever be able to take the lead. The journalists have let us know what economists and finance experts think. Well, they have been talking a lot about our problems, but have you ever heard them coming up with the above political proposals?