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hope you will have a good meeting. I cannot make it to Brussels today. Below, please find a short summary of my thoughts:

There is a necessary connection between any new constitution and the military strategy. To finish with the so called war on terror, working group 1 ought in my view to amend the draft treaty on EU which was approved by the representatives of several European peoples in February 1984. Points of departure for the re-drafting: the emerging informational hegemony of the internet; the dissolution of the military alliances, e.g. of NATO; the unilateral abolition of our weapons of mass destruction. Congo, and the millions of human beings killed there since the assassination of Lumumba, must also be kept in mind. Make the new draft even shorter and more gemeinverständlich than the draft from 1984. Make sure it will be swiftly translated into all languagues.

As for the debt crisis, let us all join the struggle of ATTAC for a tax on financial transactions. An FTT must not exclude the money trade. (1). Its purposes are two: to kill the financial speculation; to regulate the capitalists in order to give people power a better chance (2). The tax revenue should be spent on a useful purpose, e.g. on optical fiber networks owned by the public libraries, but that is not why an FTT is needed.

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1: Presently, it seems that the EU-negotiators plan to introduce a financial transactions tax without a currency transactions tax. Source: Patomäki, Heikki: "Financial transaction tax (FTT): An analysis of the EU Commission proposal" (

2: The capitalists are a group which roughly corresponds to that which is described by Nicholas Shaxson in his book Treasure Islands. Tax Havens and The Men Who Stole The World. Bodley Head 2011. People power (democracy) is our political goal. The old political system must go and the new system, which we call federation, must come in its stead.