Jean-Marie Matagne, an anti-nuclear militant living in the town of Saintes of Southwestern France, went on hunger strike last Tuesday. Matagne, a 68-year doctor of philosophy, is calling attention to the nuclear omertà, that is, the shameful silence about France's nuclear weapons during the recent elections. I hope this theme will also be discussed at the ongoing Blockupy in Frankfurt, because I do not believe that a real and democratic European Union could possess nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction. As Matagne says in his communiqué (see , the French people has never been heard about the construction of such criminal weapons. To show my solidarity with dr Matagne, I inserted the following comment on the website of the French newspaper "Sud-Ouest", where Matagne's hunger strike is being discussed:

@Pignon et autres, merci de ne pas refuser la conscience! Je pense que le lien entre les armes nucléaires et le statut de grande puissance peut être dissous en Europe, par les peuples européens eux-mêmes. Nous avons besoin d’un mouvement européen pro-européen pour le désarmement nucléaire. Pro-européen, c’est-à-dire en faveur de la création d’un Etat européen démocratique - une véritable Union européenne. Une telle Union ne peut pas disposer des armes de destruction massive. Comme le dit M. Matagne, ces armes ne sont pas du people ni pour le peuple. Salutations de Nord-Ouest, c'est-à-dire de la Finlande,

Mikael Böök


PS Pardon, la Finlande, c'est évidemment le Nord-Est! And once I am on it, why don't I add the idea in English, too:

The link between nuclear weapons and great power status can be broken in Europe, by the peoples of Europe. We need a pro-European movement for European Nuclear Disarmament. Pro-European means being in favour of establishing a democratic European state - a real European Union.

Not to speak about the need to uncover the links between the austerity measures and all the money that goes into the military-industrial production and consumption (the EADS, the BAE, the Finmeccanica, the missile defence systems, the "nuclear capable" aircraft), and so on... Greetings to Frankfurt! the same