Sarajevo Peace Event, 6-9 June 2014 ;

Draft workshop-proposal:


Preferred date: 7 June

Participants in spe: librarians, geeks, generals, cat lovers, citizens and consumers. Ca 50 persons.

Themes for the discussion:

How to integrate the anarchic internet in the democratic state? And how to integrate the democratic state in the anarchic internet? Can there be an anarchic state? Can there be a democratic internet? How do these questions relate to war and peace?

Suppose that the anarchic internet is here to stay, like the democratic state, and that both are worthy goals to pursue. Also assume that both are useful means to those valuable ends.

Is the internet at all something that people can do something about? Will the internet help us to get rid of the nuclear arms, the nuclear power plants, and the other devices of mass destruction? How to make the internet work for peace? In Snowden's time, everybody must have given these questions some thought. The time is ripe for them to be discussed at the social forums and in the peace movement. The subject is overdue and is likely to be burning after the multi-stakeholder Conference on Internet Governance, which is scheduled to take place in Brazil in April, 2014.

Four starters for the conversations at the Sarajevo Peace Event in June, 2014:

  • Internet governance (IG). State governments who continue to prepare for war against each other have failed and will always utterly fail to govern the internet. Big corporations are trying to impose corporatist versions of IG. Unfortunately, they may have succeeded, for a while, but the peace movement ought to dig a route to people power.
  • "Kill the corporation!" This slogan (like in the monologue of Mike Daisey) is allright. The transnational internet must not be dominated by the TNCs. So kill the fire, stop the motor. As long as the target here is an obnoxious institution, and not a living being, this should be OK with the peace movement.
  • Library power. The library metaphor means that the internet is like the library. Let it become even more so. Let it become what it is: the extension of mankind's only trustworthy memory. The library is also a ”multistakeholder”. So let the librarians govern the internet, as far as this historically new anarchic, cybernetic institution needs to be governed. The tasks of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) should be taken care of by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).
  • Alliance with Google? During WW II, Communists allied themselves with Capitalists to defeat Fascism. Correspondingly, a great alliance might be needed today between a global IT-corporation and the peace movement. The corporation that has adopted "Don't do evil" as their motto comes to mind.


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