(this entry is my response to an Indian friend who, like myself, is trying to understand the news from Ukraina)

Dear J.,

thank you for drawing even more attention to the Ukrainian situation and, by consequence, to the situation in Europe. The article you have chosen as a backgrounder reflects the standard views and attitudes of the American mainstream press. We really need to come up with a more complete picture.

It would not be a bad idea to read some good article that represents the opinions and feelings of the majority of Russians who voted for Vladimir Putin. It could actually help us a long way. However, in this case, even that would not solve the problem, which is to understand what is happening in Europe and Ukraina.

It is absolutely necessary to try to dig a tunnel under the deep structures of the Cold War, which are still in place, although we may nowadays be inclined to deny their existence.

For instance: today's morning news edition from the Finnish public broadcasting company Yle tells that Russia has placed Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad. This was revealed by the German Bild-Zeitung (!) and has been confirmed by the Sov..., excuse me, Russian authorities. The Russians say that this stationing of middle-range nuclear missiles is made as a response to the missile defence building plans of NATO. Because that planned missile defence shield of NATO is seen as offensive by the Russians. And rightly so, I would say. Not that I want in the least to legitimize the threatening of Berlin with nuclear extinction from Russian military bases in old Königsberg (Kaliningrad).

So the nuclear war between "East" and "West" is still being prepared here in Europe even if we who live here - I mean the French, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Finnish, Georgian, British, Hungarian, Italian, etc. - refuse consciousness of it. Everybody seems to prefer to speak about climate justice -- as if a nuclear war, even a limited one, would not be a major threat against the climate (and a wholly unjustified threat, by the way) and as if the nuclear armaments, including, in particular, the so called missile defence, would not be a driving force of this capitalist war economy that is heading fast towards ecological catastrophe (including climate change). In short, it seems that we prefer banking on the Bomb. (http://www.dontbankonthebomb.com/).

True, Ukraine's two sides dig in for a fight, but they don't dig deep enough.