See the Youtube video (here) with Sarah Harrison, Julian Assange and Jacob Appelbaum from the recent Chaos Communication Conference in Hamburg. It will wake you up to the challenges of 2014!

WikiLeaks advisor Sarah Harrison, the journalist who helped Snowden to find asylum in Moscow, gave an impressive overview of what WL has been able to achieve despite all the governmental and corporate harrassment. She was greeted with standing ovations by the free software and transparency enthusiasts at the yearly CCC event, organised by the famous "Chaos Computer Club".

Assange managed to say a lot in just a couple of minutes in spite of the sabotaged skype connection (he had to give his speech from his asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.)

"We are all becoming part of this state whether we like it or not", Assange said somewhat cryptically, but added an unmistakeable call to become politically active: "Our only hope is to help determine what kind of state we will be a part of."

Assange drew a parallell between hackers and administrators of computer networks and the industrial workers of the historical labour movement. He asked all hackers and sysadmins to unite and become aware of their being a mighty social class. Edward Snowden has shown that "even a single system administrator to have very significant constructive effect," he said. Now others ought to follow in Snowden's footsteps and accept employment at state institutions "in order to bring out more documents".

“Go into the CIA,” he said. “Go into the ball park and bring the ball out.”

Hopefully, other information specialists like the librarians and archivists will also hearken to the call from Harrison and Assange. Together with hackers and journalists the librarians and archivists can make a formidable freedom & democracy team where the former represent the attack chain while the latter take care of the defense.

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