Below, please find my reply to a posting on the mailing list of the European Social Forum earlier today.

Good afternoon,

the Declaration RUSSIA, STOP THE WAR AGAINST UKRAINE! from the Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid makes me want to add a mild word of protest.

"STOP THE WAR IN UKRAINE" -- yes, but the guilt for the present situation does not lay sqarely on "Russia" or its government. This is not the right moment to stand up against, or for, Russia, or for some other nation.

The idea that Ukraine has in the recent days and weeks seen an "emancipative people's uprising" and a genuine democratic revolution might be what an American assistant secretary of state like e.g. Ms Victoria Nuland believes. We Europeans should know better.

The text from the Queen Sofia Museum is related to the event ''The New Abduction of Europe. Debt, War, Democratic revolutions'' (27.2 - 2.3.2014, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid). In the Manifesto of this cultural event it is said that the event "hopes to lay the foundations for a radically new European cultural and political agency, driven by the urgency of the situation."

But did not the Capitalist abduction of Europe happen already in the 1950ies? And, did not some interns on the prison island of Ventotene draw up excellent guidelines for another possible Europe already in 1941?

It is absolutely necessary to try to dig a tunnel under the deep structures of the Cold War, which are still in place, although we may nowadays be inclined to deny their existence.

"New Europe was born on Maidan," proclaims the text from the Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid. No, I think the new Europe which would be worthy of our "solidarity, dignity, self-organization and freedom" should be neutral and non-aligned, cooperate economically with all its neighbours (including Russia), abolish all nuclear arms and other wmd on its soil, start converting its military-industrial complex to civil industry, abstain from building more nuclear power stations and dismantle the existing ones, create a pan-European, municipally owned, telecommunications infrastructure (the fiber-optic cables ought to be owned by the cities and the communes as natural monopolies) and shift towards food soverignty. Please make this European project more concrete and realistic.

But, for gods sake, don't forget the European Nuclear Disarmament (END) because that is where any genuinely "new Europe" begins.

Greetings from Finland,


PS Want to read something more specifically on the Ukraine and the politics there? May I recommend two articles by the Russian sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky, translated into English and published by the Australian journal Links.