Like so many others, I was rather disturbed by Guy Verhofstadt's way of presenting Europe to the people on Maidan. Also, I was thinking about the size of the slice of the Spinellian legacy that Guy Verhofstadt believes that he has managed to cut for himself. However, to try to polemicize directly with the leaders of the Spinelli Group seems to me less likely to be successful. True Eurofederalists now rather need to develop and update the legacy of Spinelli, that is, to present an alternative Spinellian vision, one that is more based on the Manifesto of Ventotene and the original plans of a Defense Union (from the beginnigs of the 1950s) than on the perhaps a bit too corporation-friendly Spinelli the Commissioner of the 1970s. The nuclear question is key, even more today than in the period of the Cold War: how to get rid of the WMDs, the NPPs and the existing (and ever growing) huge stockpiles of radwaste, enriched uranium, plutonium, etc.? That goal needs to be written clearly into a new edition of the Spinellian constitutional Treaty of EU which the EP would have preferred to see adopted (1984). The EU ought to take the lead in the necessary general nuclear exit.

A second essential question is internet governance. A clever solution on how to build a common - not corporate - telecoms infrastructure is badly needed. I would opt for a public and municipally owned physical (fiber optics) infrastructure, and a strong role of the public libraries and their personnel - the librarians - as "governors" oft the internet - to the extent that ihe internet needs to be governed. The Internet is, and it has to remain, a predominantly self-governing ("cybernetic") institution. And we all need to start talking more about cyberpeace instead of cyberwar.

Addition to what was said above on the nuclear issues: notice the upcoming Nuclear Security Summit in den Haag next Monday and Tuesday (24-25 March)? Ironically, it is only meant to be about nuclear terrorism. Admittedly, that's a big issue in itself. But then, the root of the problem is the very use of the nuclear technology itself (both the "military" and "civil" variants) by governments and corporations.

Also Ironically, Ukraine's stockpiles of highly enriched uranium (HEU) - which is precisely the material that supposed nuclear terrorist most want to get their hands on - has been one of the big issues of previous NSSs.