With a little help from my friends in France or, more precisely, in the original French section of the international movement ATTAC (the association to tax financial transactions to aid the citizen), I will make a self-critical reflection. In my previous blog-entry, I should have explained what should be obvious but which is not: we are not at war.

So when Mr Arcuri, the Italian Commissioner for the managment of the measures taken against the spread of COViD-19, was speaking about a "wartime economy", he was only telling a parable. I should have pointed that out more clearly than I did when I compared his kind of war economy to the permanent war economy. Because the permanent war economy is actually and inevitably a war economy even in peacetime, because it is the preparation of the actual military wartime war. The "war economy" they say is needed against COVID-19, on the other hand, is just a symbolic war economy.

It is no coincidence that this truth was discovered, or if not discovered, then at least well explained, in France. The President of France (I almost wrote the King of France) himself recently proclaimed: Nous sommes en guerre (we are at war). Against COVID-19, that is. And then somebody from of ATTAC France discovered that the the king (I mean the president) was naked.

Point besoin d’économie de guerre pour cela. Juste besoin d’arrêter de naviguer à vue et d’enfin prendre les mesures cohérentes entre elles, fondées sur ce principe de solidarité... (There is no need for a war economy for this. Just need to stop sailing on sight and finally take coherent measures between them, based on this principle of solidarity...)

writes Maxime Combes. And I have to admit that she* is right. ATTAC finishes the letter with these prompts:

Continuons à nous comporter de façon responsable et faisons-le avec la détermination de qui a toujours à l’esprit et dans le cœur une société meilleure. Mais commençons à écrire sur tous les balcons : « Nous ne reviendrons pas à la normalité, car la normalité, c’était le problème. » (Let’s continue to behave responsibly and do so with the determination of who always has a better society in mind and heart. But let's start writing on all the balconies: "We will not return to normality, because normality was the problem.)"


However, the problem of the permanent war economy remains. And in the case of France, in particular, this includes the problem of the nuclear threat and the 37 billion euros to be invested in the French nuclear forces until 2025. Do those billions belong to normality?

  • Sorry if I am in error here. It says that Maxime est un prénom épicène mais essentiellement masculin, fêté le 14 avril dans le calendrier des saints.