Mr Domenico Arcuri, Italy’s Special Commissioner for the COVID-19 emergency, was recently quoted as saying:

“Like in wartime, we must produce what we need and we are reconverting production systems and reimporting industries that are now located elsewhere,”

Arcuri also spoke about the need to put in place a “wartime economy” to avoid a meltdown.

I do not think that Mr Arcuri is wrong. Yet I should like to I invite the reader to think "out of the box" : is it not so that the "wartime economy" that Mr Arcuri says is needed to fight covid-19 is more or less the kind of economy that we would need in peacetime in order to mitigate the ecological crisis, including the humanly generated global warming?

Could any "Green New Deal" be efficient without the reconverting of production systems and the reimporting of industries that are now located elsewhere of which Mr Arcuri has spoken? The answer is no; obviously a reconversion of the whole economy is necessary.

This is what the EURACTIV-journalist Gerardo Fortuna is thinking of in his comment to Domenico Arcuri's statement:

An overall rethink of the things to be done is needed to manage also the rehabilitation phase, not just the emergency phase.

But then there is of course a lot more to be said about "the wartime" , "the peacetime" ,"the economy" and its "conversion". Would "a permanent war economy" be a fitting description of the world economy of the 2020ies?

The answer is yes. Undoubtedly, the "peacetime economy" of this world is heavily marked by the fact that the nations, organized in military alliances and economic blocs under the leadership of the hegemonic nuclear superpowers, are preparing for war.

This means that, in addition to speaking about the wartime-like economy now needed to combat covid-19, we should as soon as possible start thinking about the permanent war economy of the present peacetime-like situation. Because otherwise we will not manage rehabilitation phase.

Take, for instance, President Macron's speech on February 7, 2020, when the spread of covid-19 in Europe was only beginning. In that speech Macron confirmed that France will invest 37 billions of euros in the maintenance and modernisation of its nuclear deterrent in the coming years before 2025. A few days later, he also confirmed that the French nuclear doctrine had a "European dimension." (No wonder, because the nuclear and conventional weapons systems of France and the economy of Europe are thoroughly integrated.)

Do we really need those nuclear weapons now, in the "wartime" of the combat against covid-19? Do we need them in the "rehabilitation phase"?

In an earlier blog-entry I constated that those who do not count in the armament billions and war budgets in the climate equation will never solve it. Now I must add a word to the health authorities of Europe: please consider demanding that France's 3l billion dollars for nucear weapons be converted to healthier purposes such as, for instance, virological research.